Mount Meeker

Mount Meeker Trip Report (#16196)

I was taking a surveying class at the Colorado School of Mines which was a 14X7 summer session. Two friends and I decided to "take a day off" for the Fourth and were going to climb Longs. After a cold wet camp just below the ranger station, we got ready to start pre-dawn only to have a ranger tell us we we not prepared for the snow conditions on Longs--that we should do Meeker. Okay. He did not tell us to go up the east ridge so we hiked up to Chasm Lake and then went straight up the snow field. A lot more steep snow conditions then we would have had on Longs. Oh well, he tried to be helpful. After reaching the top we all three laid down on a large, flat boulder and slept for an hour. The snow field made a nice slide and allowed us to get back to the ranger station not too long after dark. A long, hard hike which was rewarded by beautiful views of much of Rocky Mountain Park with thick clouds surrounding the peaks, making spectacular islands out of each.

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