Ras N'ouanoukrim

Ras N'ouanoukrim Trip Report (#16321)

  • Signed By: Diego SahagĂșn
  • Date submitted: September 29, 2003
  • Number of People Encountered:

The first time that I reach Ras n'Ouanoukrim I went with a friend and reached as well Timesguida. In 1.998 I was climbing alone, first Timesguida and then Ras. The base in both cases was a tent beside Neltner Hut. I recommend to climb Ras turning right at Tizi n'Ouagane (3.750 m), after summit walk down to the col (3.968 m) and climb Timesguida. It's a pleasant hike along large fields of snow, more convenient for a ski traverse. The unique dangers of fall are on the ramps near Tizi n'Ouagane and just until the summit of Ras. The sights over Jbel Toubkal, other fourthousand-meters of the zone and Anti-Atlas are very nice. The weather use to be fine except some evenings and in Winter so good luck.

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