Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#19341)

  • Signed By: Sally Moore of Worcester, England
  • Date submitted: September 27, 2006
  • Number of People Encountered:50+ people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Highly

Being with a group of over 20 people, most 17 years old and not all very fit, we took a 10 day route via shira/lemosho glades, to make sure we all acclimatised and had a better chance of all summiting. All but one of us reached uhuru peak successfully! This was a challening climb and none of us had done anything like this before, but by taking it slowly and following all our advice we had a fantastic time! i'd love to come back in 10years to do it again and see how things have changed!

taking such a long time ensured our success, but made the trek somewhat tedious at first, and it can become irritating to seem so close to the summit, i.e from lava tower, but know we won't reach it for another week. i think 8 days would have been perfect for us rather than 10.

our expedition provided us with a fabulous experience that i'll take with me for the rest of my life. the feeling of exultation on reaching the summit is like nothing i've ever felt before. deciding to climb kili was one of the best decisions i've ever made!

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