Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3589)

What an adventure!!! My husband, Michael, and I went to climb Kili as our honeymoon. It had been a longtime dream of mine since I was a teenager. With the help of Thomson Safaris and the encouragement of our co-climbers, we did it!!!! We made it to Uhuru!!! Our guides - Nickson, Wilson, & Godlove - were all the best and got us up there in a safe and fun manner. The cook, asst cooks, and porters all took wonderful care of us! I would highly recommend Thomson Safaris and doing the Western Breach route. It may be "harder" but it gives you a lot of time to acclimate!! Some say Thomson is expensive, but you get what you paid for. We got the best serive, delicious meals, and a port-a-potty! All 9 of us made it - me, my husband, John & Kathy from Boston, Rob & Frank from Oregon, Mike from Los Angeles, Joel from San Fracisco/Canada, and Sam from Texas. What a fun crew!!! I've learned that anything is possible if done slowly. Good luck and e-mail me with any specific questions.

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