Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3607)

Summitted UHURU Peak at 7.30 am from the Marangu Route (i.e. via Gillman's Point), was accompanied by my son Adam El Shalakany (17) and Cousin Hussein Gohar. Great view, the moon still visible at one end thed the sun risiong from the other end. The Glaciers at the equater, FANTASTIC. The route itself is interesting, and if you are a star gazer, you will see the most beautiful night sky with millions of dazzling stars at HOROMBO huts above the clouds(3750 meters high). A great experience, one advice POLE POLE (slowly slowly in Swahili) and make sure you have very warm socks and gloves (its cold on the way up to the summit).

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