Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3647)

My sister-in-law (60)and I (52)went on trek through Thomson Safaris. We have never tekked or climbed anywhere previously. It rained, snowed or sleeted on us every day. Very challenging weather conditions, especially on the Western Breach. Our 2 guides needed to use their ice axes to cut steps the entire way up the Wall. We had hardly any visibility on the mountain due to the inclement weather, but had a wonderful experience. I got to Uhuru, my sister-in-law didn't due to severe hypothermia experienced on the Wall due to rain and slow ascent with poor clothing choice. Took us 11 hours due to steps being cut. Be prepared for any weather condition and it can change and happen quickly. Hard to describe the feeling....exhilerating being on the mount. Prosper and Jonas were our guides. Food was unbelieveable. I need to go again!

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