Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3654)

Together with a group of seven friends from Amsterdam, Holland (age ranging from 30 to 58), we travelled with BMS travellers/Predators to Mount Kilimanjaro. Our guide's name was Saeed, and he was great. Seven out of eight made it to the top on 24th of March 2004, all using Diamox 250 mg bid. During the summiting we encountered a severe snow storm so visibility was sometimes less than 50 meters. Temperature was -15 centigrade and we were covered with a few mm of ice. Otherwise the weather was excellent, no rain at all during the day the whole trip! At the top (Uhuru peak)we sang our Kilimanjaro-song, thanks Arjan for playing the guitar at 6000 mtr! Not bad at all for an idea that was born on a cold november night in 2003 in a local Amsterdam bar! So for all of you who are hesitating: JUST DO IT! A lifetime experience!

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