Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3696)

Thrilling climb over the Machame-Mweka route! Pouring non-stop rain on the first two days leading to hallucinating scenes when around 30 people (the team,guides,cooks & porters) were looking for shelter in the tiny Shira cave. Got a bit altitudesick at the beautiful Barranco campingsite but was better on the next day when climbing to Barafu where we had a short rest (4 hours) in a gusty wind after being woken to start our summitattempt. The last 100m of steep climbing over an icy slope to reach the craterrim at Stella Point were VERY demanding for me because I had wasted some energy when taking pictures of the magnificent sunrise. But I got some good help from my

girlfriend at the time when she set the pace for me. Together we reached Stella Point and later Uhuru Peak. Really felt on top of the world !! Then an endless descent (3000m) back to the Mweka hut where we all drank a big bottle of Kilimanjaro beer.Next day back through the mud in the rainforest to reach the Mweka gate.

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