Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3750)

  • Signed By: Adam Sharpe
  • Date submitted: March 07, 2004

I've drunk Wine in France, eat Edam in Holland, soaked up sun in Lanzarote and partied in Cyprus. So when invited to climb a mountain in Africa, being the adventurous type I thought yer all right then.

I was in a group of Ten organized by and in Six days we shared experienceĂs, emotions and comradeshipĂs matched only by the views of the starlit night, shooting stars, rising sun and the magnificent ice caps. It is truly a magical place. Trekking the Marangu route, nine of us reached Uhuru Peak and shedding several tears I can seriously say that this mountain is a life changing experience. It's not how physically fit you are that will make you reach the top, although aerobic training is good and will make it easier. It's all about pushing yourself mentally with Determination and Willpower beyond physical exhaustion. The only cure for Altitude Sickness is to descend rapidly, so listen to your guide and keep an eye on your fellow team members. I took Diamox but others didn't and they succeeded reaching the top. Diamox seems to temporally increase your bodies metabolism allowing you to adjust quicker to the effects of the Altitude, it is not a magical cure. My average resting heart rate is 60, taking Diamox it averaged at 110. You decide!

There are hundreds of equipment lists on the net so won't list everything but the items I found most valuable are:

1) Water/Windproof gear. Thermal gear on it's own is no good, as when the freezing wind cuts through, you might as well be wearing your birthday suit. 2) Four Season Sleeping Bag. Assuming your staying in the huts, bunk beds are provided so no sleeping mat is required. 3) Sun cream factor 20/30 and sun block. 4) UV protection Sunglasses. 5) Decent batteries for your head torch when summiting. 6) Glucose Tablets and Re-hydration Salts for when you can't stomach eating solids. 7) Diarrhea tablets, Toilet Roll and Spare underpants. I know ha ha, but what a life safer these were. 8) Trainers, for walking around the base camps. Obvious but I forgot mine. 9) Either US dollars, Kenyan or Tanzanian Shillings in low denomination. I found they normally accept all three types of currencies but beware of corruption. 10) Try and get your Entry VisaĂs arranged before. YouĂre on Holiday and donĂt need the hassle.

My thanks go to the team: Rob, that bloke who suggested the holiday (See three messages below) Kathleen, Jenny, Mark, Richard, Roger, Jai, Oscar, Felix and last but not least our Guides and porters who made it all possible.

Good luck and have a memorable time. Adam Sharpe

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