Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3755)

  • Signed By: Peter Muhl & Werner Ottermann of Kroondal, Rustenburg, South Africa
  • Date submitted: March 07, 2004
  • Number of People Encountered:

Long before most of you who read this, will even have been born; December 26, 1951 we, Peter Muhl and Werner Ottermann from Kroondal South Africa, made it to the top of Gilman's Point. Because of deep snow we were unable to continue to the "Kaiser Wilhelm Spitze", now Uhuru Peak.

Contrary to the present numerous and large expeditions our singular daily group consisted of four English engineers, who were doing a survey in the area (if any of you read this, please contact us) and us two South Africans. Our main guides were George and Wilson. We were poorly prepared and ill equipped. After having climbed the mountain in snow and bitter cold, we were overwhelmed by the magnificent view of the glaciers and snow covered crater.

After 50 years we still fondly remember our adventure up a beautiful, unspoiled Kilimanjaro.

Peter Muhl and Werner Ottermann P O Box 101 Rustenburg 0300 South Africa Date summited: December 26, 1951

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