Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3756)

We took 6 days on the Marangu Route and were able to make Uhuru Peak. The Peak was clouded in on the day we made the summit but it was still a fantastic experience and the sunrise over the high cloud was beautiful.

We took an extra acclimatization day and used Diamox (250mg/day) for the final 2 days. The 3 in our group made the summit without even a headache using this regime. Diamox is a personal choice and I truthfully can't say if it actually helped, but it didn't hurt either! (DonĂt listen to the people who fear monger about it)

Don't think that you can just "walk up" this mountain. If you have not done any preparation or training before you go, don't expect to make the top. I ran 10km 2-3 times a week and did some practice scrambles in the Canadian Rockies before I went. With this kind of training, I actually found making the summit fairly easy and this was with carrying all my own gear. A good guide will set the proper pace so listen to them "pole, pole." Going too fast will wear you out!

Remember, drink lots of water and never lose faith, you will make it!

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