Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3771)

20 of us courtesy SaveTheRhino climbed via the Rongai route. Rongai (5 hour unspeakable bus ride to get to start) barren and empty compared to Marangu which we descended. Got to Kibo (high altitude open prison good description) on the third day. Started up the final 5,000ft 'Kibo shuffle' push at midnight. 10 of us made it to Gilmans, 6 of those to Uhuru. Respect!!! We could have done with another day getting up to Kibo, but on charity budget. Colder than being stuck on a chairlift in a January alpine blizzard, not washing for 5 days disgusting rather than liberating, and Diomox causes the Diomox 'big tingle' in hands, feet and oddly the bum. No idea whether it prevented more serious symptoms of altitude sickness. Romel and his guides are superb. Reckon fitness only counts for 30% success rating - sheer bloodymindedness the rest. All the smokers in the party made it - something to do with being used to struggling for breath on a daily basis! Satisfaction factor: 2,000%, fun factor rather less. And for the record the trek down from Kibo to Horombo Huts is NOT 6.8k it's a good 10 miles. Drank the Mountain Inn dry on return. Team spirit huge, great mates made, what next we are wondering!

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