Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3790)

We had a family reunion, rendez vousing in Kampala, Uganda, then flying into Arusha. Since it was the rainy season, picked the Coca Cola route for hut comfort and a chance to be dry. Despite the name Coca Cola, the trek was anything but easy. Joe and Rich were from Steamboat Springs, and well aclimated to 10,000 feet. Me from Texas acclimated to sea level. But slow and steady and with help from diamox and decadron for headaches, we conquered the top. At 12,000, we were not eating or sleeping well except for goat gut Joe and Rich, who were doing happy hour at the caretaker receptions everynite while we were rehydrating with water. The trek at midnite was cold and with camel pack tubes wrapped with Rich's invention--- a thermal sock, we had plenty of water to the top. We started at the back of the group, took our time, and we were the first of the group to summit at Gilman's point and arrived at Uhuru Peak later quite euphoric. Did some celebration photos and shared a beer. Took a picture with a "HI MOM" sign. On the way down, voiced no hint of pain to those climbing up, with retorts of "you are the only positive people we have heard from all day". Little did they know what they had yet to do. Rested up at a neat lodge at the base---Capricorn Hotel the night before the hike and after. THE CHALLENGE WAS MET

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