Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3802)

We spent 2 weeks in Kenya and Tanzania before the big climb. We decided to take 4 days going up. I am glad we did. We also took the diamox. We went at a snail's pace from Kibo Hut in a snow storm. We made it to Uhuru!! I had the beginning symptoms of cebreal edema on after Giliman's Point. Severe headache and it hurt my neck to move my head from side to side. If I had another chance to hike Kili I would pack a pillow case. I would drink more water. And I would see about carrying some emergency oxygen. I would not eat as much at Kibo Hut, it was hard to digest at that altitude. I packed two pairs of hiking boots one for warm days and one for snow. I am glad I did.

I am soooooo happy I climbed it. I have been an avid hiker for 15 years. This was my highlight! So many different temperate zones. So very pretty.

On the walls of one of the huts someone carved

"Heaven is where Hell is and Hell is down on Kili"

I agree.

Good luck to all!!

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