Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3815)

Marengu route, 17 people (Dave, BG, Jayne, Caroline, Kerry, Helga, Dean, Steve, Barth, John, Paul, Ian, Ian & Kath, Sean, Nick and Paul) all made Gillman's point, Nick and Caroline went down immediately, Dave and Jayne passed Stellar point but were forced to turn back by excessive cold and altitude. The rest reached Uhuru Peak - No Diamox ! Sorry to say, in my state of disorientation I didn't sign the summit log and hardly took any pictures - which is a damn shame because the view from the top was stunning. Perhaps I'll go again.

Thanks to Godliving, Adidas, James, Reginald and Asantil (and Dave who sacrificed his summit attempt by helping others) for services beyond the call of duty. Well done everybody concerned.

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