Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3826)

  • Signed By: Dan Nelson
  • Date submitted: March 07, 2004

Tanzania is great! Kilimanjaro is great! The first day of rain on the Machame Route was a little messy, but once out of the rain forest, it was dry, or at least not raining as much!

We did the official Mellennium summit climb - my buddy Doug and I. The Minister of Tourism was present to send us off and all. That caused us to start at about 1 PM rather than the

much better time of 10AM. But in the end it did not matter. We actually spent a month in Tanzania with the original plan being to summit Kili for the Mellennium.

Uruhu Peak at 5:45 AM on 1/1/00 to see the first sunrise of the New Mellennium over Africa!! It was awesome!!

I strongly reccomend a climb of Mt Meru while in the area. At 14,800 ft, it really seemed to me to be a little tougher than Kili.

The Kili climb, Doug and I did was the 7 day/6 night Machame Route. We took our time. This was vacation after all.

If you were there you may have seen us. We were the tourist with the backpacks on - 25 lb packs. Most people had

the porters do the carrying. But that was just too easy for the Dougman!

Great trip with a safari, the Kili climb, out to Zanzibar, and Mt Meru all in one month for less than $6,000.00 with


I do have a bunch of info on how to go about this kind of trip if you are

interested. E mail me at and we'll talk, kind of!!

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