Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3832)

Trekked with Geographic Expeditions. Incredibly professional. Guides and porters deserve utmost respect. Couldn't have made it without their support and encouragement. Took Shira Route up (not too bad) and Marangu Route down (my legs still hurt just thinking about it) . To date, the most exhausting and invigorating experience of my life. Everyone should try it once. Move slowly, take 6-8 days to climb and descend, drink tons of water, retain your sense of humor and take friends and loved ones for support. I don't think I'll eat oatmeal or porridge any time soon. View from the top of Africa is truly breathtaking . . .literally. On now to Mt. Ranier and hopefully Nepal. Thanks Greg, Lynn, Susan, Robert, Ruth, Kinyonga and Sigfried for making it more than a dream.

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