Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3833)



We climbed by the Lemosho Route over the Shira Plateau then up to the Crater via the Western Breach. From a campsite in the crater we set off at

10pm on the 31st of December and saw the New Year in with champagne and flares. On the way down to the crater we saw about 500 torches, like glow-worms, working their way up to the summit from the Barafu Hut area.

The group included:

1. Mark Brown UK

2. Ian Buxton UK

3. Sandy Garrington UK

4. Graham Hand McGregor UK

5. Fiona Neall UK

6. Rod Mann (from down-under)

7. Michael Mavroleon UK

8. David Mosha Tanzania

9. Wilson Olotu Tanzania

10.Alan Simmons UK

11.Amanda Stephenson UK

12.Paul Tryner UK

13.Bruce Upton (Father Christmas)

14.Andrew Wielochowski UK

Later on the 1st the following also made the ascent:

Ken Tranter (UK), Bertil Lund (Sweden) and Sandra Goodswen (UK).

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