Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3836)

I went with Mountain Travel-Sobek in December 1999. Our route was from the north side, a combination of Rongai and other trails. We ascended to a camp beneath Mawenzi peak and then traversed the saddle between Mawenzi and Kibo to Outward Bound hut. On the summit day we left from the hut at midnight, reached Gillman's point at 6am and the summit (Uhuru) at 7am. We were down at Kibo hut by 9:45am. By then the top of the mountain was totally in cloud cover. Descended via Marangu, camping the last night at Horombo. The weather was fine on the summit day, but lots of rain and snow on the three days preceding. Of the ten in our group who started out, eight made it to the summit. One person dropped out on the second day, another turned back at Gillman's point on the summit day.

My recommendations: 1) Ascend slowly. 2) Diamox (I just took a few pills as the diuretic effects are a nuisance, others took much more), 3) On the summit day keep your mouth and nose covered with a balaclava or kerchief, most of those in our group who didn't suffered afterwards. 4) If you start to feel short of breath, take rapid deep breaths to pump in a lot of oxygen. 5) Take extra flashlights and/or batteries. I had two and they both failed.

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