Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3853)

The team was Shane o'Neill, Gary(Union Jack)Ball,Stephen Hobson,Brendan (Seagull) Phelan,John (Former Hammer Man) Brennan and David Murray - a motley crew of old farts approaching 40. Believing ourselves to be the athletes of 20 years previous, our natural choice was the Umbwe route via the Western Breach. This route can only be described as breathtaking! The views and the scenery are something I believe I will never see paralleled in this life.The 6 of us rotated our two man tent sleeping arrangements each night-(This practise allowed for easing the load on any one individual as well as affording me the opportunity to talk at 5 different victims!). On the journey John's erudition, as well as his love life, was a constant source of stimulation. He does go on. Stephen, who I had hardly met prior to the trip, was one of nicest and most decent people I have ever met. A welcome addition. Shane(Goldman Sachs,Type A,I need to know our ETA, gradient and degree of difficulty) just confirmed his and our belief that he is a Renaisance Man. Shane was the team worryier who succeeded in scaring the crap out of me just before the Western Breach. Gary was the same old Gary, but with a new hairdo. Seagull always knew he could soar!He was great fun, always last getting ready and shocked he didn't have to carry me down. The Western Breach was tough and a bit hairy crossing the ice flows. We all found religion on the Breach. 5 out of 6 made it to Uhuru Point at 6.55am. It was an amazing feeling the sense of achievment is hard to better. Now the hard bit. We came down and exited via Mweka Gate in one day. We had been going for 18 hours solid. The end was absolutely savage. I felt like crying. It was no coincidence that those of us who visited the altar of the Great God DIAMOX had the easiest time. I chewed the little beauties and had no altitude sickness or symptoms whatsoever. Our guide Wilson Mosha(c/o Keys Hotel) was universally greeted with defference and reverence by guides and porters alike on the mountain. He is fully deserving of this respect. Wilson is an educated man who believes he offers a superior package to his clients by way of his ability to communicate as well as his attentiveness to your every need. I could not recommend Wilson, Francis and the team highly enough. Anyway, enough of this rambling. Kilimanjaro was, after meeting Jenny and the births of Rebecca, Luke and Jessica, the most memorable event of my life to date. Pass the sick bag!

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