Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3865)

25 Aug 1999 - Machame Campsite (3000m)

26 Aug 1999 - Shira Campsite (3600m)

27 Aug 1999 - Visited Shira Needle and Shira Cathedral (3900m)

28 Aug 1999 - Arrow Glacier Campsite (4850m)

29 Aug 1999 - Furtwangler Campsite on the crater floor (5600m)

30 Aug 1999 - Descend using Marangu route through Gillman (5685m)

I did not summit Uhuru. My mistake was to sleep too high up at 5600m ... develop altitude sickness the next morning and had to come down immediately via Marangu route. Great Western Breach was tough, especially at such altitude. The weather was bad ... too cloudy and too windy and snowing ... could not see anything.

I will return for Uhuru someday.

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