Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3868)

I did the 5 day, three hut coca-cola route (Marangu). In spite of the obvious environmental impact caused by the route's popularity and the government's shameless indifference to anything not associated with tourist revenues the route was excellent. Don't even think about a tent, stove, sleeping pad or even food (except maybe a few power bars and some trail mix for summit day). The three camps have running water, flush toilets, community lodges and very comfortable huts equiped with matresses and electric lights. The porters carry all the food, they'll cook it with the fire wood they've carried, and then serve it to you on the table cloths and plates they somehow find the strength to carry as well. They'll even carry your pack if you ask them--don't even think about it! Don't be an ugly tourist. You might even offer to carry some of YOUR food for them. All you really need is a decent bag (-10/-20 deg F), a good supply of toilet paper, some playing cards and lots of money for the sodas, cigarettes and beer on sale at the ranger huts. $500US will get you up this route (maybe more in the high season). If you're planning a safari too, book it with the same company and you'll get a deal. Don't waste time looking in Nairobi because you won't beat the prices in Arusha. In fact, don't waste any time in Nairobbery at all, it's dirty, dark and dangerous. Please be very generous with the guide and porters. $500US may seem like a lot, but they don't get much of it after the company, the National Park, tourist bureau, government and other various "officials" have lined their own pockets. Plan a trip to Zanzibar to unwind after the climb. Email me if you'd like to know more.

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