Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3879)

  • Signed By: Keith Buck
  • Date submitted: March 27, 2004

If you're planning a trek, definatley choose the "Machame" combination route over the common "Marangu" route. The success rate for the summit is much, much better. The route is less crowded. The route is more beautiful and less crowded. It's a little more difficult and takes another day, but the point of this climb is to explore, enjoy, and summit... not to race up & down as quickly as you can. This was my first time over 14,000 feet. The alititude was significant, but not a problem. Just go slowly... and bring the Diamox. The most difficult week of my life to date, but the most rewarding. Bring at least 2000 rolls of film.

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