Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3922)

  • Signed By: Capt Al
  • Date submitted: May 05, 2004

Summit day is a long slog up steep scree via The Machame Route. The route has interesting scenery but is very circuitous. While gaining altitude,two days are spent traversing to the left followed by two days traversing to the right. There is a scramble or two on the route, most notably up the Baranco Wall. A nicer route would be via Lava Tower and Western Breach with a night camping on the crater floor. The mountain is predominantly a warm weather climb with shorts working well into the third day of climbing. The only truly cold weather will be on the night of the summit push before sunrise. The first and last day was 100% mud so gaiters come in handy. Trekking poles are also a must to make it easier on the knees. Bring lots of US dollars because the Africans will do their best to relieve you of them. Every boarder crossing has a charge to leave the country and a charge to enter the new one. Credit cards are rarely accepted as a form of payment for anything. They can be used for cash advances. The one ATM in Moshi cannot access foreign accounts. The two ATMs at Nairobi Airport were out of service. The summit icefields are spectacular and make up for some of the logistical problems of travelling in Africa.

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