Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3931)

Even after reading any amount of guide books the climb and the environement surpassed all expctations. Altitude sickness kicked in on the 2nd day for many of us. Plenty of water 4-5 Ltrs a day and the occational diamox did help. Take a head torch for the final accent, spare batteries and keep your camera warm in your clothing. Its not the camera that freezes but the bateries which give up. The weather was good all the way up, only -15C on the top. I made it to Gillmans but total exhaustion prevented me going any further. Out of 14, 12 made it to Gillmans and 9 went onto the summit. Our porters ang guide and group leader (Explore) did us proud. Without their support and care for our welfare we may not have had such a sucessful trip. Give it your best that's all you can do

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