Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3932)

  • Signed By: Kim Rosa
  • Date submitted: May 15, 2004

This summit log helped me so much during the planning of my trip, that I feel the need to contribute to it to possibly help others. I took the Machame Route. Beautiful Scenery. Not at all crowded. Physically Exhausting. I was the first to get altitude sickness, only on the 2nd day, but felt better the next morning. I travelled with 2 others - 2 out of 3 made it to the top. The key is to DRINK AS MUCH WATER AS YOU CAN. I think it is the BEST remedy to avoid headaches and altitude sickness (even though it is a pain, cause you have to keep waking up in the night to go to the bathroom - it's still worth it.) For me, water worked better than Diamox. I should have worked out more beforehand; those who did had an easier time & got up faster. When summiting, we left Barafu at 11 pm and didn't make it to Uhuru until 8 am. Don't forget, after you get up, you still have to get back down.(We didn't get back to Barafu camp until 2 pm, and then still had to descend to an even lower camp) I lost my 2 big toenails, from the trauma caused by my toes jamming into the front of my boots on the way down. So, BUY GOOD BOOTS! And any warm clothing you can spare, you should consider giving to the porters. They work soooo hard. I wish I brought an extra bag of clothes just to donate. Oh, based on the advice offered on this summit log, I booked the trip with Zara Tours. They were great and cost half the price as some of the American companies. And the only extra amenity that I noticed that the American companies offered was a "private" hole in the ground (toilet). Not exactly worth an additional $800 in my opinion. Oh, and I would recommend taking the extra day to acclimitize. I would no way have made it to the top without this extra day. All in all, it was an awesome adventure, and a great experience. Go for it, and good luck!

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