Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3958)

Jambo, The three of us are quite experienced climbers and wanted to climb by the Barranco Wall. We thought we had found a good deal in Moshi with a guide, but later we found that parts of the tent were missing and, more importantly, Tunza, our guide, admitted that he had never been up the Barranco Wall. He told us this when we were half way up, without ice axes, crampons or ropes, having been reassured in Moshi that these were not necessary. WE did make it safely to the top although we were about dead on our feet. My advice, if you want to try anything other than the Machame route is too make sure you find an experienced guide. We were far too bothered about trying to get a cheap deal and beating them down as far as we could and didn't stop to think that Tunza might not be more than an experienced porter.

PS I spoke Kiswahili quite well and even if you don't want to master the language it is well worth learning a few ( and there are loads ) polite greetings.

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