Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3960)

  • Signed By: Dan Ecott
  • Date submitted: June 10, 2004

What a great mountain. Climbing in January or February (holiday season in Tanzania) gives you the best weather. Our group got just that. The week previous, however, there was a snowstorm on the summit causing the worst snowfall for 10 years allegedly. We chose the Machame route for the camping and the views. The route is supposedly the best for acclimitisation as there is a day in the middle of the climb where there is only 200m altitude gain from the Shira plateau to the camp at the base of the Barranco wall. On summit day our group left at 12:30 am and summited at 8am. The views are absolutely awesome when you get to the top. Mt Meru looks like a little baby. On the climb in the morning the sun rose over Mawenzi, the smaller peak of Kilimanjaro, which was also spectacular. What a sense of achievement when you get to the top.... I have to say though that the greatest risk of injury is on the way down because of the steepness of the walk back to Barafu camp. One person in our group twisted their knee coming down the path. I cannot emphasise enough that you do need to take your time on the way back. The things that are essential are the sunblock (a common one)... and use it..., a head lamp and good thermals and sun glasses for summit day. There are also lots of stories about taking Lariam and Diamox. All I can say is get advice from a number of sources and make an educated decision.

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