Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3989)

  • Signed By: Nilam Bedi
  • Date submitted: July 07, 2004

I was part of a 5-person group from high school in nairobi, Kenya. Our equipment was very rudimentary...let alone insulated parkas and climbing/hiking boots, some of us relied on used "jungle boots" bought from the local army surplus store. The used military external frame backpack weighed what seemed like a ton. No freeze dried food....we were carrying tinned food. I remember coming across an Austrian party at the Kibo Hut.....watching them equipped superbly and enjoying all kinds of snacks!

The stark difference in the day and night temperatures, coupled with our poor equipment, did not allow us much sleep at night. Slept for 24 hours staright upon arrival back in Nairobi.

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