Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3992)

WARNING Tanzania / Arusha, Kilimanjaro Tour: TANBEL Services Tourism / KILI Tours

DO NOT TRECK to Kilimanjaro with Arusha-based TANBEL / KILI and beware of Mr Benson MASANGYA.

We had to quit the ascent due to severe weather conditions and insufficient gear. Contrary to negotiations, our gear was not checked at beginning, TANBEL forgot our tent, offered a leaking tent as replacement, provided no fresh water, guides had to sleep in a cave and were not payed by TANBEL asf.

When trying to get refunded, TANBEL answered our written complaint with a faked letter from a non-existing lawyer.

We will blacklist TANBEL/KILI at the TTB (Tanzanian Tourist Board) office in Arusha and post this warning in relevant newsgroups and forums.

Generally, try to negotiate stepwise payment, pay the full amount after the trip. Cheap companies try to cheat on every possible instance. Check every detail of their gear and step back if not satisfied.

Regards, Stefan & Olli, Nov 11/00

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