Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3995)

  • Signed By: Joe Beck
  • Date submitted: July 12, 2004

I guess I am an oldtimer by other dates I have seen here. Did we have the internet in 1985?? :)! Hey, it says the peak is 19563'/5963 meters tall. Back when I summitted it was only 19340'/5895 meters.!!!!! I guess I have to do it again. ;)! I did it with "Mountain Travel" (pre-Sobek). We went up mostly the Machame and came down the Tourist Route. I used no Diamox. (Did they have Diamox in 1985??). What helped me the most was the fact the we did a 4 1/2 day trek on Mt. Kenya to Pt. Lenana (?16455') the first week over there. Then R&R ed a bit doing the safari thing for 6 days THEN started the Kilimanjaro trek. We had 4 hiking days BEFORE summit day. I drank a lot of water and ate alot at altitude, even though I was not hungry. (I still ended up 15lbs. lighter by the time I got back.) One woman on the trip was in exceptionally good shape (kicked ass on the lower slopes) but.... did not bring enough warm clothes for the higher altitudes and did not summit. BRING enough clothes! Bring layers. Her concept of hiking faster to stay warm may work lower down but did not cut it at altitude. The first day was tough for me. 6000' to 10000' while hot and humid while some bushwacking was not easy. Bring a lot of water for this first day.

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