Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#4047)

  • Signed By: Jenny Miller
  • Date submitted: September 02, 2004

Whatever you do, do not rush...for sake of acclimating and for sake of enjoying the absolutely amazing experience take your time-- I made "pole pole" swahilli for "slowly, slowly" my mantra--I decided in the darkness of night on the way up to the summit that there was no way I was going to risk summiting for speed. It's a great climb for people who dont have much experience mountaneering--however makes you want to be so you can go on to more mountains! Kehl (below)-my love and outdoors partner-and I summited with and a group from international collegiate expeditions ( run by an incredibly experienced leader doug stufflebeam (whose extensive knowledge of altitude sickness prevention and treatment are the best on the mountain)--his trips are amazing I highly recommend them to all college students youll have an experience youll never forget!

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