Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#4071)

Our family of four (me, my husband and our daughters, 19 and 15, had a great experience with Bushbuck Safaris in Arusha, our guide Charles and his assistant Vincent were wonderful. The climb was an experience of a lifetime. We took the Coca-Cola route - or Marangu. Pole-Pole (walk slow)is important and "mind over matter" will do the trick. The summit climb in the middle of the night is really hard but seeing the sun rise on the top is worth it. We felt such a sense of accomplishment! I am especially proud of my younger daughter Michelle who besides having little possibility to train for this - there are no mountains to climb in Miami, FL - could not take Diamox due to allergies to Sulfa drugs. The rest of us took Diamonx and it helped. Lots of water helped too. For those who plan to climb: Do your homework, read everything you can including these logs. I found lots of advice here. Find some internet sites of companies that advertise the climb. They offer check-lists on what to take. Take lots of warm clothing and pack your stuff into garbage bags. It helps keep things dry and organized. Gaiters help and so do Baclavas. Walking sticks do wonders for aching knees. Have fun - we did!

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