Elevation (feet): 8,553
Elevation (meters): 2,607
Continent: Europe
Country: Germany
Range/Region: Kitzbuhel
Latitude: 47.5667
Longitude: 12.8667
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
First successful climber(s): Schwarzenberg, Gemminger, Tatz, Wein
Nearest major airport: Salzburg (Austria), Munich (Germany)
Convenient Center: Berchtesgaden

Thanks to G?nter Seggeb?ing for adding this peak.

Hochkalter is the highest summit in the group of the same name. The mountain range is separated in the main ridge of Hochkalter, the Southern Chain of Wimbach and the Hocheisgroup. Though interest of mountaineers concentrates on his neighbor, Hochkalter is in no way inferior to the famous Watzmann. Both Mountains are separated by the wild valley of Wimbachgriess, where the decay of the mountains becomes evident. Below the Hochkalter you can find the steep and narrow glacier called Blaueis. Unfortunately Blaueis has lost much substance during the last years. Main summits are Hochkalter, 2607m Blaueisspitze, 2481m Sch?rtenspitze, 2153m Steinberg, 2065m Rotpalfen, 2367m Sch?nwandeck, 2450m Ofentalh?rndl, 2513m Steintalh?rndl, 2468m Hinterbergkopf, 2246m Wimbachschneid, 2386m Hocheisspitze, 2523m Hinterberghorn, 2493m

Eish?rndl, 2095m Hochkammerlinghorn, 2510m Kammerlinghorn, 2484m Alpelhorn, 2254m Prunnerkopf, 2076m Sigeretkopf, 2066m Gro├żes Palfelhorn, 2222m Kleines Palfelhorn, 2073m Kleinstes Palfelhorn, 2000m Palfelkopf, 2003m Seehorn, 2321m

Thanks to G?nter Seggeb?ing for this description.