Mount Halcon

Elevation (feet): 8,484
Elevation (meters): 2,586
Continent: Asia
Country: Philippines
Range/Region: Visayas
Latitude: 13.2625
Longitude: 120.995
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Best months for climbing: Apr, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: November 22, 1906
First successful climber(s): Elmer Drew Merill , forestry and military officials on botanical expediton
Nearest major airport: NAIA Int'l Airport
Convenient Center: lantuyan, baco, mindoro oriental

Thanks to Sheryl for adding this peak.

Most difficult to climb in the Philippines.

Knife edge ridges, scenic view of Mindoro Island.

Currently HALCON is CLOSED for all types of exploration for 5 yrs starting 2006. The reason is to let the flora recover from recent fires and irresponsible campers.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #16356 - by edgardo gonzales on Nov 17, 2004
    ser ma'm, ksma ko nung 17th annual climb ng halcon! da best! astig! ang daming expirience! tnx
  • Log #16357 - by JEN on Nov 12, 2004
  • Log #16358 - by mico on Nov 04, 2004
    waaaaa ngaun ko lng nkita short nung 18th annual grabe dahil 1st tiime ko nun di ko alam kung aatras ako o hindi pero tinuloy ko pa rin hindi sa nnakot...pero isa lng masasa bi ko ang...
  • Log #16361 - by ronnie esponga on Aug 29, 2004
    MT. HALCON!!!! is the best and difficult mountain to climb...pero kapag nasa taas ka na sobrang ganda kahit na sobrang hirap pero bago ka umakyat sa MT. HALCON you need a proper
  • Log #16362 - by Lee Roy Anthony M. Sarmiento on Aug 18, 2004
    Went up with the annual climb by HALMS. Mental tenacity is a requirement. You shall conquer thyself!!!
  • Log #16363 - by Gerald R. ValeƱa on July 07, 2004
    Halcon? Pagoda! Aakyat ka ng isang araw, kala mo tapos na, hindi pa. Pagkatapos ng akyat na yon saka mo pa lang makikita mismo ang Halcon. Ewan ko ba kung bakit ko ginagawa to. Pero, isang malaking...
  • Log #16364 - by mang mep on June 24, 2004
    Ang ganda sa dulangan. ang sarap matulog ng 15 hours after long walk. enjoy mag night trek. ang ganda pa ng view paglabas mo ng tent.
  • Log #16365 - by JEN on June 23, 2004
    HALCON!!! the best trail ever!!! nasa Halcon na lahat!........ binabati ko nga pala lahat ng naging frens ko sa Halcon: DMS, SOUTH PEAK, AHON-autistic, ALIKBU, BULIK, SAGUL, MAPUA mountaineers,...
  • Log #16367 - by laurence toquero on May 26, 2004
    salamt sa sialdang sa pagtulong samin na makaakyat sa mt halcon,lalo na kay john lopez ng sigu...blik kmi ulit na tga baguio dyan sa halcon nanaka adik akyatin.
  • Log #16368 - by paoLo on May 17, 2004
    im very proud because im with UEMountaineers... last april 7-10 we conquer the highest grounds in mindoro.... para sa amin ng mga co-applicant ko astig... dahil ito ang first major climb namin.
  • Log #16369 - by Bibo on May 09, 2004
    ASTIG! The very word that describes Mt. Halcon. You ENJOY while you SUFFER. I'm very happy that I was with the UEMountaineers during the 18th Annual Climb. Thanx for everything! (alam nyo na yon):)
  • Log #16370 - by sasa_UEMountaineer on Apr 21, 2004
    sa totoo lang,masarap akyatin ang Mt.Halcon.Hindi ko malilimutan ang pag-akyat nmin.And Im proud to my self bec.naakyat ko ang SUMMIT.
  • Log #16371 - by Mico on Apr 21, 2004
    Yezzzzz... tanggal na sa listahan ko ang Mt.halcon paalam sa,mt.
  • Log #16374 - by clemen on Apr 21, 2004
    how nice sialdang is, and i'm proud to be.. a SIALDANG MOUNTAINEER
  • Log #16375 - by doodski on Apr 21, 2004
    What I can only say is that after the climb, i am really convinced that this one, if not the, most difficult mountain to climb. its so difficult that I vowed to myself that will not be returning...
  • Log #16376 - by James Ben R. Mallen on Apr 29, 2002
    Definitely mt. halcon is the most taxing & strenuous mountain i have ever climbed! Excuse me, but halcon is NOT the fourth highest mountain in the philippines. We have unnamed mountain peaks in...
  • Log #16378 - by Liza Moraleja (Sylvan Omni Inc.) on Apr 02, 2002
    Howdy guys! Been to the summit of Halcon and back in one piece. Definitely, one of the most difficult climbs but the peak is a prisoner's paradise. Whooah!
  • Log #16379 - by louie hamtig (TTL) on Apr 01, 2002
    Hey guys, Waz up! I gez u knw dat HALMS jst sponsored d 16th Annual Climb @ Mt. Halcon. Its gr8 to reach d top. its windy & cold outder. its worth d climb, d oppurtunity 2 mit ader climbers as...
  • Log #16381 - by josefina a.maduro on May 28, 2001
    it is when you climb mt halcon that boys become man and girls become's one of the ultimates in mountain climbing in the phils.i would like to return to its peak when i finished my tour of...
  • Log #16383 - by Sheryl on Apr 28, 2001
    Mt. Halcon is the fourth highest mountain in the archipelago. It's 2586 meters height towering over the hills and verdant mountains occupies the north-south mountain range of the province. Around...