Kings Peak

Kings Peak Trip Report (#4093)

  • Signed By: T Tingey
  • Date submitted: September 08, 2004

The second annual Baucom-Tingey-Hansen Kings Peak / Uintas traverse was a success. This year there were 11 of us and 3 dogs. (relax, we practiced low impact camping) We started on Friday, Sept. 3, 2004 from the Henry's Fork Trailhead and headed up in unsettled weather. Pretty nice until about the Dollar Lake area where it started to rain/snow. Put on foul-weather gear and headed up Gunsite Pass and descended to our campsite at the head of Painter Basin between Gunsite and Anderson. A beautiful afternoon of clear, clouds, snow, and a full spectrum of colors on land and in the sky. Woke the next morning to snowfall. About two inches on the ground and still coming. We started up Anderson Pass as things got a little nicer. Were passed by a guy in Teva sandals (he had extra socks) who really encouraged us. The top of Anderson Pass was great. Good views in all directions so we dropped our backpacks and headed for the summit. 10 of 11 hikers and 2 0f 3 dogs summitted just ahead of more snow. Hurried down Anderson into the Yellowstone in the heaviest snowfall and snow on the ground so far. Made it down the Yellowstone trail a few miles and set up camp below timberline and out of the heavy snow and wind. Nice site. Woke on Sunday morning to perfect September skies. Blue and clear and windless. Took our time hiking out to the Swift Creek trailhead. No injuries or other problems. Just a classic Uintas adventure. Covered about 36 miles. We'll give it another shot next Labor Day weekend. Attached is a Shutterfly photo link for pictures of the trip.

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