Kings Peak

Kings Peak Trip Report (#4094)

My 14-year-old son, Brendon, and I hiked in from Henry's Fork campground on August 3rd and camped at Dollar Lake. Took about 5 hours to pack in. We made a late start on the 4th (left camp at about 10am). Nonetheless, we hiked straight up over Gunsight, descended into Painter Basin, and then decided to backtrack to the high route off Gunsight. We summitted the unnamed peak that's just northeast of King's, and then hiked across the saddle to King's. We summitted at 3:45 pm and then went down the east face of the mountain, which is about a 45 degree scramble down scree. We double-timed the rest of the way back to our base camp, arriving at about 7:15 pm. Next morning, after a good breakfast, we set a goal of a 4-mile-an-hour pace on the hike out, which we accomplished. Took a flat 2.5 hours from Dollar Lake to the trailhead.

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