Kings Peak

Kings Peak Trip Report (#4106)

  • Signed By: Don Smith
  • Date submitted: October 03, 2003

I left Henry's Fork Campground at 3:55pm on 9/30/03 and arrived at Dollar Lake at 7:35pm. Saw three moose on the hike in. Day 2, hiked to just below Gunsite pass, and loaded up on H2O. On gunsite I couldn't find the trail to the west, so I took the longer route through Painters Basin. I arrived at the base of Kings about 3:30pm. Thunders Storms, rain, hail and two inches of snow. I waited it out by making a half moon wall of stone. The lighting came within a quarter to half mile away. After you see a flash of lightning, start counting seconds until you hear the thunder. Divide the number of seconds by 5. This is the number of miles away the lightning stroke was. I made a quick escape down Andersen's pass. Advice, I wouldn't recommend it unless you have treking poles. I later camped out by Bear lake and hiked out the next day. It rained just about half the time I was out. Hardly any bugs at all. Didn't see but two pairs of people hiking out the day I started. Beware these dates are also the end of the deer hunt and the start of the Elk Hunt.

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