Kings Peak

Kings Peak Trip Report (#4108)

Left Henry's Fork trailhead Friday 9-12-03 still a little groggy from the Ales consumed the night before. Me, my good friends Adam and Jay, and our three dogs hiked south for about 4 1/2 hours stopping just past Dollar Lake to set up camp the first night. Although the days were all beautiful, the nights were a little chilly, (about 25 degrees.) Got an early start to the summit the next morning, (8 a.m. is early for us,) crossed Gunsight pass and made our way around the valley up to Anderson pass in about 3 hours. The summit up the boulder ridge was a grueller. Only one dog made it to the top, the others waited for us to return. Man, what a view from the top! Kinda' tough to breath for an old man. Waited about a half hour then started the descent. Got back to camp and celebrated with vodka waters. Got up the next morning and broke camp and headed back. My legs felt like rubber at the bottom, but it was worth it. I will definately do it again.

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