Kings Peak

Kings Peak Trip Report (#4115)

  • Signed By: Craig Lloyd
  • Date submitted: August 26, 2003

We set out from the trailhead to dollar lake on the 14th. Our goal was to hike King's, So King's, and then Gilbert all on the next day. We woke up at 4:00 am and were on the trail 45 min. later. We decided to save time by going up the shute just north of Anderson Pass. We were able to hike without headlamps as the moon was nearly full. There were five of us in our group and were able to stay together until we got to the top of the shute. At that point we split up as some in the group were slower than others at elevation. I summitted King's at about 8:00 am. I stayed there with one other guy for only a few minutes and then left for So King's. We summitted that at about 9:00 and stayed for a half hour. Instead of going back over the top of King's we skirted around it, which was difficult because we had to boulder hop all the way around the mountain, more than a mile. We made it back to the shute and down it by 11:30 and ate lunch till noon. We hiked across the large meadow to a shute south of dollar lake about a mile, where we decided to head up Gilbert's. There were two shutes to choose from. We took the one on the left. While there were larger boulders to work around the ground was more stable and the shute wasn't as steep. We made it up that shoot very quickly, considering how tired we were. Once on the platau our hiking slowed due to exhaustion. We stayed together until we came nearer to the summit. My partner slowed and i kept going for the summit. How depressing it was to come accross two false summits and finally see that the true summit was more than half a mile away. We were both on top of Gilbert's by 2:45, ten hours and 23 miles after leaving camp. We stayed only long enough to take photos and sign the register, then down the long slope and the north buttress back to camp. We were both down by 5:00 and back at camp cooking dinner. The others didn't make it, unfortunately. One got altitude sickness and spent a good portion of the day hunched over a rock. The other two decided not to continue due to fatigue. This was an incredible hike that i would only recommend to hikers in excellent physical condition. I have never worked so hard, physically, in my entire life. I am curious to know if anyone has ever tried doing Utah's three highest peaks in a day. Please email me if you know of anyone trying it. Thanks."

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