Kings Peak

Kings Peak Trip Report (#4117)

  • Signed By: Tim
  • Date submitted: August 11, 2003

Started from the Henry's Fork Trailhead with my Brother-in-law at 12AM. Reached Dollar lake at 3:30AM. Seen a few lightning strikes miles away but nothing close. Above dollar lake it became really cold outside and we had to bundle up in emergency blankets to stay warm until dawn. My brother-in-law got sick with a migrane and couldn't go on so I left him to rest and went for the summit. About 5:00A left just below gunsight traversed across and made it to Anderson about 7:00ish. At Anderson I didnt know where the peak was so I headed up the boulders in front of me and at bout 8Am found myself on top of Kings. I didnt think it was kings peak because there was no sign only a register in a metal box. So I kept going and found myself on South Kings. After I decided to go down a rock spree and found myself on the north side of kings slope. I was looking for the shortcut trail to get me back over to dollar lake couldn't find it. So I decided to walk back up to anderson pass and by this time I was so exhausted that I pretty much passed out on some rocks. A couple helped me down a rock shute off anderson pass and I was asking anybody if they had seen my brother-in-law as i left him 9 hours earlier. No one had so I kept trecking and finally found him close to elkhorn pass. (DONT EVER LEAVE ANYONE BEHIND). We made it back to the car at 7:20 PM and it was a great trip beautiful weather. Dont do it in a day take the time have fun....I will do it again.

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