Kings Peak

Kings Peak Trip Report (#4119)

  • Signed By: Lynn Arave
  • Date submitted: July 29, 2003

I've hiked Kings 3 times now and going for a fourth time in August of 2003. My first climb in July 1990 was too crowded with too many mosquitoes. I prefer August now when the swampy areas dry out (except Painter's Basin that apparently never dries out!) Base camped between Gunsight Pass and Dollar Lake in 1990; hiked Kings and back to Henry's Fork parking lot in a day (5 a.m.-7 p.m.) in 1999; and camped at Dollar Lake in 2000 on a three-day trip. One failed day trip to Kings happened in 1998, when I missed the trail turnoff to the footbridge in the early morning darkness, ended up past Elkhorn crossing on the far west side of the Henry's Fork Valley and ran out of time and energy. Lightning strikes from storms remain a key danger. I've used the rockslide shortcut up and down. It works if you are cautious, but does strain knees in older hikers on the way down. Only part of the hike I dislike is that first 3-4 miles from Henry's Fork trailhead through the forest. It seems longer each time. I suggest more energetic hikers also consider an extra mile hike to South Kings Peak, Utah's second-highest and even Gilbert Peak, 3rd highest., located east of Dollar Lake. Biggest mistake I make every year is carrying too much food and too much Gatoraide. I guess better too much than not enough, though.

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