Kings Peak

Kings Peak Trip Report (#4121)

What a fun hike, I would recomend it to anyone. Last year we climbed it via Smith's Fork and Red Castle (definately worth seeing Red Castle), this year via Henery's Fork and Dollar Lake. The hike into Dollar is a relatively easy 8 mile hike. It takes you into a nice view of the summit. The mosquito's were relentless........take plenty of spray! The next morning we (myself, two sons 14,17, and a 15 year old friend) left camp with just camel packs and a little food. We took the trail through Painters Basin and on up to the top of Kings. A fairly relaxing 8 mile trip. The Summit was awesome, we arrived at roughly 11:00, two other groups summited shortly after. The views are endless. Went down via the short cut, a 1000 foot decent down the rock slide, saved some mileage and time, wouldn't want to go up it. We arrived back at our camp by 2:00. Thunder and lightning gave us about a 45 minute rest. The thought of another evening with the mosquitos was too much so we packed up and booted it out to the Henreys Fork Trail Head. Three hours later we knew we had had a big day 20 + miles and 13,528 feet. I'll do it again maybe later in the year, hoping for fewer bugs.

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