Kings Peak

Kings Peak Trip Report (#4128)

Much Longer hike than expected. 6 hours from Henry's Fork TH to Dollar Lake. 9.5 hours Round Trip from Dollar Lake to King's Peak Summit (10 minutes on top), via gunsight pass. We took the "shortcut" going up cutting diagonally up the cliffband after gunsight pass instead of dropping back down into the valley and around the butresses. We had our Bernese Mountain Dog (90 lb dog) with us, she was not able to navigate the upper summit ridge on King's peak, so we left her with friends at Anderson pass while we summited. Because of the dog and the moderately difficult Rock Scramble on the "shortcut", we decided to take the longer, but much gentler regular trail down and around the valley back up to gunsight pass. The Weather was perfect, but we ran out of water about half way back to dollar lake (we had each taken 100 oz), which made the last part of the hike difficult and painful. We were both very dehydrated by the time we got back to Dollar lake. I would recommend taking a filter or iodine tablets with you to the summit. We rested for 1/2hour and then packed up camp and hiked back to the parking lot (4.5 hours). This made for a very long day (Woke up at 5:30am, left camp at 6:45am, summitted at 12pm, back to camp at 4:30pm, left camp at 6pm, arrived in parking lot at 10:30pm, arrived home in Ogden at 1:30pm). Unless you are in VERY good shape(e.g. regularly running 6 miles) be prepared for a long and strenuous climb!

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