Kings Peak

Kings Peak Trip Report (#4131)

  • Signed By: mark
  • Date submitted: August 22, 2002

We decided to avoid the busy route via Henry's Fork, and instead made it into a 5-day backpacking loop. Without boring you with our exact route, i would highly highly recommend visiting King's this way...there are so many sights to see, and orienteering, boulder-hopping, and bushwacking was tough but doable for a newbie like me in this open high wilderness.

King's was a tough approach from the south, but beautiful. The Red Castle area was even more stunning. If you're coming from Henry's Fork on the way up to King's, i wouldn't know what to tell you...but on the way down, i recommend taking the rock slide, carefully, spread out, and with trekking poles.

2 things i wish i had known...timberline is 11,100 ft., and camping at that altitude the temps were in the 20s at night. brr.

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