Kings Peak

Kings Peak Trip Report (#4136)

  • Signed By: Eric Maughan of Roy, UT, USA
  • Date submitted: December 27, 2001

We came in from the north and had an awesome hike in until Elkhorn crossing, then the rain came down! There was so much lightning you could feel the electricity! As we hiked the clouds came over the peaks that surround the basin and we could'nt see them for awhile. The wind was blowing so hard it shredded our ponchos, but 15 minutes later it stopped, and the peaks all had snow on them! We camped at Dollar Lake and left the next morning about 9AM. Met a badger in the rocks on the way to Gunsight Pass. We didn't get close at all because he didn't seem too afraid of us. Reached the summit around 2PM. Very cold,windy,but you could see for miles in all directions. Took the shortcut down the chute to the north from Anderson Pass, pretty slippery and steep,scared the crap out of my 10 yr old son. Awesome trip!!

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