Kings Peak

Kings Peak Trip Report (#4139)

  • Signed By: Tim Macknight
  • Date submitted: September 19, 2001
  • Date(s) climbed: 09/15/00

Our group of 6 camped at Henry's Fork trailhead the 1st night, and then hiked to an area about 1/4 mile east of the main trail, just south of Dollar Lake. This proved to be a GREAT spot, close to a creek and right up against the base of Gilbert Peak. We left on Saturday the 16th at 9:30 AM, took the conventional route over Gunsight Pass, down into Painter basin, etc. However, instead of going to Anderson Pass, we ascended to the summit from the east, straight up and over massive boulders. Our leader of the group practically RAN to the top and made it in 30". I brought up the rear, huffing and puffing and with a nice pounding headache. But we all made it and spent an hour there whopping it up. Came down via the rockslide( not that safe...make sure your group spreads itself out to avoid tumbling rocks), spent the night at the campsite under a full moon and a perfectly clear sky. You can easily make out the streak of light in the sky that is the Milky Way. That was amazing!!. Hiked out the next day, inhaled big subs in Evanston, and got home to a 30 minute hot shower.

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