Kings Peak

Kings Peak Trip Report (#4159)

  • Signed By: Bob Smith
  • Date submitted: July 18, 2000

Approaching from the north we summited via the chute located to the east of gunsite pass. The chute proved to be quite steep but is a more direct route and probably saved us about 30 minutes in each direction. The chute is very hard on your knees and ankles and I would not recommend going that route without a good pair of boots. We camped at Henry's Lake not far from the chute which proved to be a good starting spot if you want to go up the chute rather than gunsite pass. Henry's lake had a lot of fish in it but only up to about 7" long. To get to Henry's lake, I recommend following the dollar lake trail all the way to dollar lake and then cut over. We took the Bear lake loop to the east, which gains considerable elevation and was much more work than the dollar lake trail which is fairly flat. The views from the top of Kings Peak are incredible.

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