Nevado Lavadero

Elevation (feet): 20,085
Elevation (meters): 6,122
Continent: South America
Country: Argentina
Range/Region: Central Argentina-Chile
Difficulty: Walk up
Year first climbed: December 94
First successful climber(s): Argentinian + Swiss Expedition
Nearest major airport: San Juan

Thanks to Andre WEBER for adding this peak.

I will refresh this page, have forgtten some details : Cordillera de Colanguill is about 100 km length, unknown because until the first ascent on the main maps the altitude was only 5300m. The Cordillera includes the main peaks Nevado Lavadero 6122 and Cima Kelo 6015, both reached (first ascent) the same day from two different sides - base-camps, by two Argentinians (Sorry I have to search their name) on december 1994 and by my-self and Stephane Joliat. These mountains are without interest for climbers, hard walk through loose stones. We looked for signs from Inca, but didn't find anything. I finished the same long day by climbing a boring and uninteresting (but with beautiful view on all the summits of the Chilean-Argentinean border): Cerro Rojo, 5911m (name not on the map), first (and last?) climb. If you need more informations, contact me. With a good AWD you can reach the base of the range (3000-4000m in 1/2 day from San Juan.

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