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NOTE: Trip reports were previously called "Summit Logs" - same feature, new name

There are 6 trip reports for Kliuchevskoi.

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  • Log #22180 - by silurian on May 14, 20112 Stars
    IT was fab The picture is cool!
  • Log #20629 - by Casey Masero on Jan 24, 2007
    We set out early on the sixteenth. The morning's weather was the same as the night before, VERY COLD. I felt envigorated though, almost as if I was a cat, brushing the morning's frost from my...
  • Log #4195 - by Dan Colborne on June 27, 20044 Stars
    A very cold trip. After a week long blizzard practically buried us on the Bogdanovich, at the first sign of clear weather we skied up to the pass and set up camp. That night was well below minus...
  • Log #4196 - by Casey Masero on Mar 08, 20042 Stars
    I'm a man of few words. But this vocano gives me the shivers.
  • Log #4197 - by Michael Stichling on Oct 22, 20024 Stars
    We tried an ascent with skis in June 2001 from kozyrevsk. Due to the fact that Bezymjannyj eruptet serveral times in winter the snow was covered with ashes and meltet very fast. For two days we...
  • Log #4198 - by Ludy Bookelmann on Dec 17, 20004 Stars
    weather; one of the few good days in august 2000, very cold; very windy, temperature was more low than my watch could show. Started at 06.00 in the morning, from the pass at 2800 mtr. It was a...